House of Gerhard - Authentic German Cuisine and American Favorites

By Dan Bettle

Kenosha has many enticing local food choices available. People who visit never have to go hungry for even a second. One prominent restaurant in Kenosha is called House of Gerhard. House of Gerhard has a nostalgic and traditional ambiance. The dining establishment specializes in German cuisine that has an old-timey feel. It has been in business since 1964. House of Gerhard is on 75th Street and is close to businesses like My Affordable Floors, Inc., Minuteman Press, Pick 'n Save (a supermarket), Sleep Cheap Mattresses and Chili's Grill & Bar. A lot of action surrounds the restaurant.

The eatery was started by namesake Gerhard Dillner. The German man relocated to the United States in the mid-1950s. He began House of Gerhard with the assistance of Ruth, his beloved wife.

House of Gerhard is a great spot for genuine German food enthusiasts in Wisconsin. Although the dining establishment concentrates mostly on German offerings, it also offers select All-American delights. People with all different types of food preferences can happily and easily dine at House of Gerhard.

Lunch is available to diners at House of Gerhard on weekdays. The vast lunch menu includes many appealing and popular options. Roast duck, smoked pork chops, baby beef liver, bratwurst, Hungarian goulash, hamburgers, beef stroganoff, lobster tail, chopped steak and broiled loin lamb chops are several meaty meals that are on the restaurant's lunch and dinner menus. House of Gerhard is a big favorite with diners who have big appetites for meat.

House of Gerhard has a reputation for providing all guests with the finest service possible. The eatery's waitstaff is patient, friendly and knowledgeable. They often provide diners with ample details regarding the available items on the menu. They tend to possess bright and cheery personalities as well.

Complimentary wireless high-speed Internet access is available to all guests of this famed Kenosha establishment. People can surf the net while waiting for their meals.

The decor at House of Gerhard is deeply influenced by the spirit of Germany, and that's no big surprise. People who adore hearty and heaping meals, pleasant service and excellent beers may want to head to this Wisconsin dining staple. House of Gerhard has been filling bellies up in the area for more than half a century. House of Gerhard's exterior design is just as German in feel as its interior design is. People who visit this dining spot often feel like they've been magically dropped off in Europe. This feeling begins the moment they initially spot the place.

Group luncheons are offered at House of Gerhard. Types of entrees that are commonly served at group luncheons at House of Gerhard include pan roasted tilapia, roasted loin of pork, Bavarian pot roast, rouladen and roasted chicken breast. Rouladen consists of rolled meat and comes with pickles, bacon, onions and mustard. The dish is covered with irresistible brown gravy as well. Side dishes for this European classic are mashed potatoes and red cabbage.

House of Gerhard makes for a fine destination for people who want to enjoy the wonders of European tastes. It's a terrific location for those who love chicken spaetzle soup, German hard rolls and much more. House of Gerhard is located at 3927 75th St., Kenosha. Visit or call (262) 694-5212.