About Kenosha

One of Lake Michigan’s best neighbors has to be Kenosha. With a population of just under 100,000, this city offers many of the advantages of its larger neighbors even featuring its own symphony orchestra. K-town, as it is locally known, started as an important port on Lake Michigan and later became an important manufacturing hub for the auto industry. This bustling city has been a promise of a better life for the waves of immigrants who came to its shores. Quality schools and seven tertiary institutes create an energetic and forward-looking community. Conveniently located between Chicago and Milwaukee, the Kenosha Metra mass transit makes it breeze to get to Kenosha.

There is plenty to see and do in Kenosha’s. Starting with Kenosha’s main attraction, beautiful Lake Michigan that stretches along the east side of town and is easily accessible from Southport Marina. You’ll find a number of charter services that allow you to explore the lake. You’ll also find that the wonderful Simmons Island Park just north of the marina is a perfect stop for picnicking. Kenosha has also gone to great efforts to preserve its cultural heritage with * sites in the National Historical Register in town. Nestled between the marina and Simmons Island is the Kenosha Sculpture Park which juts out into the lake. Nearby are several historical museums including the Southport Lighthouse, as well as the Anderson Art Center. Kids will really enjoy the innovative America’s Action Territory Family Action Park, which lies right off of Interstate 41. Kenosha has a vibrant downtown with a wide selection eateries and galleries. One of the most popular watering holes is the Rustic Road Brewing Company, which serves locally crafted beers. Music lovers will find plenty to keep them entertained with a bevy of outdoor concerts held at local parks around town as well the historic Kemper Center. If you are looking shopping, try the Pleasant Prairie's Prime Outlets, which contains factory outlets from a broad mix of name-brand retailers.

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