All About Bullion

Bullion is the term used when precious metals (such as gold or silver) are in bulk form. Usually, these are presented either in the form of ingots or bullion coins. Precious metals in these forms are unique in that they are valued depending on the current market value for the precious metal they contain. This differs from money, as (in the fiat currency system that America runs under) paper bills and coinage are legal tender - no matter the worth of the metals in those coins, they are worth the stated value.

The question may then arise as to why, exactly, you would purchase bullion ingots or coins if they aren’t worth money. However, they are - just not in the traditional sense. The value of precious metals fluctuate with the market prices, but it also isn’t subject to inflation - a huge downside for legal tender. Inflation plays another key part in the reasons why bullion is such an excellent buy - due to inflation, legal tender consistently lowers in value over time. However, gold or silver generally rises over time, meaning that in the long term, the bullion that you’ve purchased will have increased exponentially in value, while any legal tender will be worth only a percentage of what it used to.

For those interested in investing, there are several sources that you can buy both ingots and coins. Generally, these coins are produced by world governments - many countries have their own coins of precious metals, each with a distinctly different design, and with some differing in their total amount of gold per coin. Which type of coin you buy can vary depending on a wide array of factors - some may want to buy only from their country, while others will seek to obtain one of each, or buy the coins based on the design and other factors.

Regardless of who you buy from and which specific coins you buy, though, bullion is a great investment in not only your future, but in the financial security of the generations behind you. Over time, the worth of the coins will slowly grow, meaning that future generations could easily find themselves the owners of a small fortune, for something you paid a minimal amount of money for. The simple fact is that while currency systems of legal tender come and go, precious metals in any form will always be worth a decent sum of money - which would you rather invest in?

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