An Introduction to Hypafix Tape

Hypafix tape is a comfortably sticky retention tape with a cloth top that’s not woven. It comes in the form of a perforated shape and its bonding agent is considered to be one that not a lot of people would be allergic to. The nice thing about this tape is that it can conform to difficult areas of your body where it will remain attached. Since it’s so flexible, you’ll be able to have a greater range of motion than with other types of tapes.

There are a lot of great reasons to use this tape, including:

• It will stay securely in place
• It’s very comfortable to use
• Medical professionals have found this tape is dependable whenever they need to hold things like catheters in place
• Whenever this product completely covers the wound there’s a lot less chance of it becoming contaminated
• It can be used on joints and yet patients will be able to remain both mobile and active
• It won’t cause blisters or allergic reactions
• It’s able to maintain pressure on a wound without adhering to your skin
• When used with a rigid tape to bind ankle or knee joints in place the chance of an athlete developing a sprain
• There’s no latex, not even within the packaging itself, which makes it safe for anyone with a latex allergy to use
With so many benefits it should come as no surprise that medical professionals have started to use Hypafix-tape, such as:
• Postoperative wounds
• Holding gauze and other types of dressings in place
• Holding surgical and urinary tubes in place

There has been a clinical trial done with Hypafix-tape after hip surgery was conducted. The results back up the fact that there was less of a chance of the patient developing blisters. In fact, only 5 out of 50 patients actually developed blisters whenever this tape was used as compared to 25 of 25 patients developing blisters whenever a more traditional type of tape was used.

This tape is FDA approved and available in numerous sizes (this includes 2.5 cm x 10 m, 5 cm x 10 m, 10 cm x 10 m, 15 cm x 10 m and 20 cm x 10 m) making it great for a lot of different uses. With all of these things in mind, there’s no doubt that this tape is bound to grow even more popular in the future. Herein lies great news for both patients and medical professionals too.

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