Become the Ultimate Paintballer with Great Paintball Equipment

Your ultimate goal is to become the best paintball player that you can be. While it takes a lot of drive and even more heart to succeed as a true paintballer, you're also going to need some paintball equipment.

The first thing that you need to invest in is a gun. Try the Tippmann X7 Phenom. This sleek, black gun shoots below three hundred PSI to allow over fourteen-hundred shots. It has relatively low recoil, and requires very little maintenance. It has removable front and rear sights, and nine and a half inch barrel, making your shot much more accurate. This is a great starter-gun and is also relatively inexpensive at around four hundred dollars.

If you are looking for something that is just as good, but a little less expensive, consider the BT SA-17 in black. It offers over twenty shots per cartridge and a quick-change carbon dioxide system. The BT SA-17 has an aluminum body and quick strip bolt and hammer system for really easy maintenance. It will generally run you around one hundred and thirty dollars.

Goggles are another incredibly important part of paintball equipment to have. They are of paramount importance because getting paint in your eyes could have devastating consequences. You also want to avoid getting hit in the eye with a paintball at all costs. This is something that could even leave you blind.

If you're looking for some of the best goggles in the sport, try the Dye 14 Thermal goggles. They are white and gold, with high definition lenses so that you can completely see what is going around you. They offer a quick lens changing system so that you can change your lenses out in less than ten seconds. They're also small so it may not feel like you're wearing any goggles at all. The lenses are also made to protect your eyes from harsh ultraviolet rays.

Paintball equipment doesn't stop at your gun and goggles though. You might also consider trying out a paintball jersey. The Eclipse 10 Distortion jersey is fashionable and durable. It’s black and gold design will help you blend in against the background. It's lightweight, but also very sturdy. The chest, shoulders, and forearms are all padded. This design has a new neckline that makes the jersey easy to remove. It also has mesh venting that makes it really light, so you'll stay cool while you're playing.


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