Embrace the Lovely and Shiny Gold Coin of History

Regardless of investment potential, there are many people that just love the feeling, the look and the idea of a genuine, collectable gold coin.  Why even going back to ancient times, we see evidence that our ancestors loved coin collecting. 

First, consider the many coins referenced in the bible.  There are entire episodes that take place surrounding Jewish coinage and Roman civic issues.  Some of the most famous passages include Persian coins in the time of Ezra, gospel teachings of Jesus concerning coins, interests and coin images, and of course the common Roman “denarius”, which was considered a day’s wage.  Other episodes are well remembered, such as the Widow’s great coins of value, as the 30 pieces of silver that represented betrayal.  Historians believe that ancient Jews used small bronze lepta and prutot for daily “currency” and withheld their gold and silver collections for important matters such as tax, tribute and trading with foreign peoples. 

It’s easy to see why the gold coin has been so universally popular, as gold is a lustrous and beautiful metal.  Gold has long been associated with wealth, power, kingship and dominant rulers.  King Solomon once built his temple in gold, and became so consumed with his quest that silver, according to verse, became next to worthless. 

And if that isn’t mind-blowing enough, consider this: experts believe that most of the gold that has ever been mined and produced throughout ancient history still exists today.  Indeed, gold is near indestructible and you may very well be holding the ex-gold collection of a prominent king.  No wonder the expression the “gold” standard is so widely used today—to have a great supply of gold is the pinnacle of wealth and achievement.  Gold has also been surpassing platinum in price during recent months!

When buying a gold coin today, remember that you are paying for the commodity (per troy ounce) and that legal tender is just a symbol, nothing more.  (Though technically, the U.S. does guarantee that the coin is redeemable for legal tender value…but how likely is it that gold bottoms out while the dollar maintains value?)  

What’s nice about gold investment is that when you buy gold, you never actually lose anything.  You are merely converting your funds to gold assets, protecting your accumulated wealth from inflation and the like. 

Gold is valuable yes, but there is a beautiful, spiritual quality to it that continues to captivate its buyers, even today.

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