Finding the Right Set of Professional Hair Trimmers

Hair trimmers are an essential part of the barber's or the beautician's tool kit. Without the right pair of hair trimmers, you will find that it is much more difficult to create the style that your customers want. However, what should you look for in such a tool? The best option is to find a good pair of professional hair trimmers. What is available here?

First, you need to become familiar with some of the top brands in the industry. On the high end, you will find Andis, which is known for high quality, performance and durability. However, Andis is a bit pricier than some other brands out there. You will find WAHL hair trimmers are a bit more affordable, and Oster trimmers are also very affordable.

You should also check out the different styles of trimmers – corded and rechargeable. Corded professional hair trimmers are the traditional option, and offer plenty of power and precision. However, rechargeable trimmers can be great choices if you prefer a bit more mobility in your station, though you will need to make sure that your trimmer is charged before starting with each customer. In addition, rechargeable trimmers are not available in the same range of styles and types as corded trimmers.

When searching for professional hair trimmers, you also need to make sure that the set you purchase meets your needs. For instance, does the set come with the right number of guards for your needs? Is the cutting head the right size? You might need a larger head for full trimming jobs, or you might find that you actually need a smaller head for detail work. The style of the blade is also a concern here. Do you want a T-shaped blade or a traditional version? You might even want to use a ceramic blade, like what's available with the Andis Ceramic BGRC Clipper.

Finally, you need to make sure that you have the accessories you need when purchasing professional hair trimmers. For example, does the trimmer come with lubricating oil? Does it come with a cleaning brush? Does it come with replaceable blades or will you have to purchase those separately? These are important considerations to make, and will certainly make a great deal of difference in the type of professional hair trimmers that you choose to purchase.

Often, the key to finding the right trimmers is to find the right supplier. A good supplier will offer you access to a wide range of different trimmer brands and styles, so you can make the best purchase decision.


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