How to Build a Collection of Silver Dollars

When you decide to build a silver dollar collection, there are unlimited options for the direction in which you can take your collection. Silver dollars offer collectors a great deal of versatility, with options for collections that include a type collections, composition collection, theme collections, and a year collection, among others.

Many collectors will use silver dollars as part of their overall silver composition collection, adding an American touch to a collection of international silver coins such as the silver South African Krugerrand coin or Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coin. Others will collect silver dollars as a type collection, collecting the various mintmarks and years within a single type of silver dollar. Still others collect silver dollars because they are intrigued by the various depictions of Lady Liberty and have chosen that as the theme of their theme collection. Another type of collection that is popular with silver coins is as part of a larger year collection or time period collection, adding the various mintmarks of a particular year of silver dollars to the other coins that they have collected from that year, or collecting silver dollars from the last half of the 1800s as part of a time period collection that represents westward expansion.

There are a wide range of silver dollar collections to choose from and each silver dollar has a great number of variations in mintmarks, mint years, die variations, and error coins, it is just a matter of beginning your hunt. To embark on the path to this rewarding hobby, begin by purchasing your first silver dollar at Zoomcoin. Zoomcoin offers only coins that have been certified by a reputable and unbiased third party that has no interest in the sale of the coin, ensuring that your collection is composed only of genuine coins that hold the value that you have paid for them.

Silver dollars are often passed from generation to generation and as your collection grows and you replace your less expensive and easily attainable pieces with increasingly rare and expensive pieces, bestowing your first silver dollars upon your children makes an incredibly sentimental gift, as well as giving the two of you something to share, passing along the passion for silver dollars. With the unlimited options and price points that a collection of silver dollars offers, it is the ideal collection for the new collector who may not have found their chosen niche within the rare coins market yet.

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