Importance of Protective Paintball Gear

Seasoned paintball players already know just how important their protective gear is, though many might take risky chances after playing for several years without incident. It’s easy to think that these guns won’t hurt you and to take chances in the field because the lack of padding makes it easier to move. The truth is that some of these guns shoot paintballs at up to two hundred miles per hour, and that could really leave a mark. If you have never played before, then the protective gear should be the most important thing on your list. If you are a seasoned player and are considering going without some of your protective gear, it’s time to think again.

The first thing you should think about before going out into the playing field is your head. Just imagine for a moment how it would feel for something to smack your temple at two hundred miles an hour. Forget uncomfortable; that could cause some serious damage. The same care should be taken with covering your face, because loosing teeth in a paintball game could take a lot of fun out of everything. It might seem excessive, but you should also be sure that your head and face gear covers your neck. Many people forego this much protection because the larger helmets and masks can make movement a bit more difficult, but the neck and throat protection really is worth it.

There are other tender areas of the body that you should be sure to cover. Your abdomen is especially tender, so be careful to cover the front and the back. A paintball to the kidney would not be a fun activity at all. There is padding that you can purchase that will allow you to move easily while still covering all that is important to you. Until you feel comfortable, you should be sure to cover everything before playing, even if it hinders your movement a little.

Paintball equipment is quite expensive, even if you buy the base model of everything available, so be sure that you really enjoy the game before you start shelling out the cash for everything. There are many places where you can rent the safety equipment and markers for your first few trips to the playing field. Once you’ve realized your love for the game, you will have plenty of top of the line choices for protective gear and guns.

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