Kenosha Food & Drink Scene

If you're looking to get a taste of a local food scene in the heart of Wisconsin, look no further than the town of Kenosha for all your eating needs. With both a vibrant food & drinking scene, the small town is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

One of the best restaurants in the town is Daily Dose. Featuring a full breakfast menu and a number of unique and delicious items, locals flock to Daily Dose to satisfy their French Toast and coffee cravings. Although it doesn't have the largest dining area, you're sure to have a great time eating at Daily Dose. It is a great spot for both breakfast and lunch.

Another restaurant in Kenosha that draws critical acclaim is Frank's Diner. Many locals feel as though it is the most iconic restaurant in the town, and for good reason. The servers aren't afraid to be rude with the guests, and while at first this may seem like a turn-off, many residents of the town feel as though the servers' attitudes add to the overall charm of Frank's Diner. It's a small town diner that isn't for those looking for something fancy. Their signature "Garbage Plate" is the talk of the town and one of the favorites for many residents. Don't be surprised if the servers ask you to serve coffee to other guests.

Kenosha is definitely a favorite for those who love dives, diners, and drive-ins. The Spot Drive-In draws many residents with its quick eats and cool treats. Don't be fooled by its casual demeanor, many people in the town say that The Spot Drive-In is their favorite restaurant. Serving up refreshing root beer floats in frosty mugs and tasty burgers, The Spot Drive-In is the quintessential American fast food joint. Specializing in burgers made fresh with only the highest quality ingredients, The Spot Drive-In is a must try for anyone passing through Wisconsin.

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