Not Your Grandpas Urine Bag

For many people the idea of using urine bags or catheters is met with great resistance. However, things have greatly changed in the use of catheters and bags, so they are no longer the embarrassment and hassle that they used to be. For many patients with bladder control issues, the use of bags has allowed them to return to all the activities that they used to enjoy without worry. A urine bag is able to be discreetly secured underneath a pant leg in a way that no one will ever know it is there. These bags, along with external catheters, can provide an easy and comfortable solution for patients with chronic or irregular bladder control issues.

Since the urine bag attaches to the upper thigh during the day (at night a different bag is used and is attached to the bed) women can even wear skirts or dresses without anyone knowing about the urine bag. There are a number of different styles and sizes that can suit a variety of needs and comfort levels.
While a smaller bag may be idea for someone who wants to make sure that it is easy to conceal, it may also need to be changed more frequently than a larger bag. It is important to change the bag when it is about half full, bags can leak if they are overfilled. When using the bag it must always be kept in a position that is lower than the bladder, this ensures that urine will always flow to the bag and not back toward the bladder.

Medical news has even reported that urine bags are undergoing a massive renovation. There are now bags that are computerized and aid patients in using them properly and easily. This bag has a device that attaches at the waistline and will alert the user when the bag is becoming too full.

The user can then go to a restroom where a pump is able to easily drain the urine bag without the patient having to bend over to remove and drain the bag. This allows patients to have even more freedom to go out during the day because they do not have to worry about having to deal with removing and emptying their urine bag throughout the day. Even though computerized bags offer greater ease of use, the regular bags offer quality and comfort at a much more affordable price.


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