Options for Collecting Rare Silver Coins

So, you want to collect silver coins?  There are many varieties from around the world that are worth adding to a collection or portfolio, from rare coins of years past to popular modern day versions.  Choosing what kind of coins to start with is a matter of personal preference, budget and profitability.  The following is a list of some of the most popular collector and bullion coins today. 

Coins made from silver have been popular all the way back to the days of the Greeks.  Many collectors today still covet ancient coins from the Greeks and Romans known as denarius, milarense, drachma, stater, tetradrachm and more.  Age alone of course does not determine the value of a coin; rarity, demand and condition are other big factors that will affect the price you pay.  If you want to add one of these coins to your collection, the intent would be to balance all of the qualities.
Feeling patriotic for America?  There are several American made silver coins to add to your collection.  Popular choices from the not too distant past include the Morgan silver dollar and the Peace dollar.  Both of these coins are made up of 90% silver and feature beautiful American imagery.  For coins made from silver in today’s time you can purchase the American Silver Eagle in bullion, proof and uncirculated versions.  These coins are made from 99.9% silver and depict a proud eagle with a shield as well as walking liberty. 
If you want to venture outside of the United States, you’ll have plenty of coins to choose from.  The Canadian Maple Leaf coins are extremely popular picks as they have a high silver purity level of 99.99% silver.  Other popular silver coins from around the world include the Chinese silver Panda coins, the Australian Silver Kookaburra and Kangaroo coins, The British Silver Britannia, the Mexican Silver Libertad and the Austrian Vienna Philharmonic coins.  All of these coins are beautifully designed and feature iconic symbols for the individual countries.  

 Most of the coins listed above come in one troy ounce size as well as in fractions such as 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce 1/10 ounce and so on.  With all the variations of these coins in size as well as different versions, there are coins to fit every budget and need. Coin collecting can be a profitable as well as enjoyable venture!  

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