Physical Therapy Supplies That Can Be Used for Stroke Patients

Patients who have had a stroke can have a hard time adjusting to the sudden loss of movement. Depending on how strong the stroke was, a patient may find themselves unable to move their facial muscles or even unable to walk. Stroke rehabilitation can help a person relearn basic movements with the help of physical therapy supplies. Physical therapists often become crucial during the period after a stroke when a person needs to be taught how to move again. The following physical therapy supplies are commonly used by therapists with patients who have suffered a stroke.


Stroke patients often lose the ability to move only one side of their body. Because of this, constraints are used during a physical therapy session to hold down the limbs on the side of the body that patients can still move. This helps a patient to focus their movements on the side of their body that they need to retrain. For example, if a person needs to learn how to reuse a leg then a physical therapist can use a constraint on the other leg. This allows the patient to focus on the leg without movement instead of the leg that works. 

Electric Stimulation

Physical therapy supplies such as machines that provide electric stimulation are used heavily in physical therapy because electric currents can force muscle movement where there is none. If a patient is unable to move a muscle or a limb at all, electrical stimulation can help train the muscles to contract; over time, the muscle will regain strength. Additionally, with the help of muscle memory, electrical stimulation can later lead to a person achieving muscle movement on their own. While the movements may start off small, they can eventually get larger as physical therapy is allowed to continue.

Weights and Resistance Bands

Stroke patients who have been in physical therapy for a long while may eventually regain the use of their limbs and muscles. Once this happens, patients will need to train the muscles to have more strength. This can be achieved through the use of small weights and resistance bands. Using these tools, physical therapy patients who have had a stroke will be able to regain muscle strength overtime.
Stroke victims who have lost the use of their limbs often have a long and difficult road ahead of them relearning how to make basic movements. However, with the help of physical therapy many of these patients can move naturally again.

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