Protect Your Virtual Environment by Eliminating Admin Rights

Protect Your Virtual Environment by Eliminating Admin Rights

Virtualization has truly revolutionized the way that we do business. With cloud computing and virtual servers, we know have the ability to store massive amounts of information in locations that are not onsite. This is invaluable in the event of a disaster of any kind, but it also introduces many ways to avoid disasters. When you use a virtual server, you will need to consider the need to eliminate admin rights so that you can protect your company’s information from employees and outside sources that have no need of it.

PowerBroker Virtualization is one solution available to you and your company. With this program, you can eliminate admin rights and institute other safety and security measures to keep your company’s data protected. Passwords and delegation of powers keeps the information out of the wrong hands and ensures that your employees can only access the programs and networks that are necessary to do their jobs. The software is not inexpensive, but it is worth every penny when you consider the amount of money needed to clean up after a disaster. By putting solutions into place, you could save your company tens of thousands of dollars for data recovery.

There are other benefits when you eliminate admin rights, too. PowerBroker Virtualization will help you restrict access to websites, social networking instant messengers, and other programs that could introduce harmful viruses to your network. Your employees may not even realize that they are putting your information at risk when they click on a link, but this software can make sure they never have to find out. There are thousands of companies that suffer the effects of viruses and other malicious programs that were introduced by one employee’s visit to a website that should have been restricted.

You can also ensure higher productivity numbers when you eliminate admin rights. Your employees will not be able to access many of the time wasters that keep them from doing their jobs. The less time spent on social networking sites or chatting on instant messengers, the more time they will spend doing the job you pay them to do. This will more than pay for the software needed to help you eliminate admin rights, and it will keep your production numbers high. The price for the software is more than worth it when you consider the many ways you’ll save in the future.

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