Purchasing American Eagle Gold Coins

Not sure where to begin with your gold investment? Gold investment, like any other investment, can be very overwhelming. There are so many different aspects that go into gold investment it can be hard to know when exactly to take the plunge. With all the preliminary research you must do and all the choices you have, you might not know where to start. One choice you will have to make is what kind of gold you would like to invest in. Do you want to invest in gold bars, bullion or coins? If you want to invest in coins, what kind of coins? One great choice of coin is American Eagle gold coins.

American Eagle gold coins are coins minted by the United States in 1986. It is one of the most popular gold coins for investors due to its value and its collective appeal. American Eagle gold coins are beautiful coins. They were designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Miley Busiek, each of them designing their own side of the coin. Gauden’s design features a slightly tweaked image of Lady Liberty. In one hand, she holds her famous torch and in the other hand, she is holding an olive branch as a symbol of peace. Bursiek’s design features another olive branch being held by an eagle as he flies over his nest.

Besides the physical appeal of American Eagle gold coins, investors and collectors are also drawn to its value. One great aspect of American Gold Eagle coins is the fact that they are offered in my different ounces of gold. You can purchase American Eagle gold coins with 1/10 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce, and 1 ounce values. Depending on how large you want to make your investment, you can purchase any of the ounces available. After a period of time, you will be able to sell your coin for an even higher value.

If you are interested in gold investment, you should not be overwhelmed by all the choices available to you. American Eagle gold coins a great choice for you to begin your investment in gold. You can contact a gold dealer and ask how he or she can help you purchase American Eagle gold coins and any other gold coins you may wish to add to your collection over time. If you invest in gold today, you will reap the fantastic rewards tomorrow. 

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