The Rules Of The Game

Like any game, paintball has some basic rules that need to be observed in order for the maximum enjoyment and safety of everyone involved, as well to ensure the fairness of the match. Here we continue our guide to some of the basic paintball dos and don’ts.

Most paintball venues have strict rules about the kind of clothing that players are allowed to wear during a paintball game, primarily for safety reasons. Most venues will not, for example, allow someone to play a game of paintball while short trousers or short sleeved shirts, as a paintball to the bare skin can be a very painful experience indeed! For this reason, paintball gloves are generally recommended, if not absolutely insisted upon. Some venues will also forbid baggy clothes as well as certain kinds of clothes on which paint will be difficult to identify, as it can prevent identification of someone who should be considered to have been eliminated.

It is absolutely compulsory for everyone in the paintball arena, including referees and judges as well as players and any spectators, to be wearing protective goggle systems. These goggle systems or masks give full protection to all of the facial region as well as the eyes and ears. Anyone who takes off their goggles in the paintball arena during a game for any reason at all will be immediately disqualified and removed from the game. This even applies to wiping away sweat or if the goggles become fogged up (in which case a referee must be summoned to supervise before you lift up or remove the goggles).

In paintball tournaments and the great majority of commercial paintball venues, only a certain kind of paintball is allowed – field paint. This is used to eliminate any potential problems that can be caused older, more brittle paintballs.

Bad language is strictly forbidden in paintball tournaments. Some local clubs may well be more lenient in these matters, but swearing bloody murder in a paintball tournament is an infraction of the rules and you will be penalized accordingly, so regardless of the situation or the provocation, be sure to bite your tongue!

Paintball is not a game for the kiddies, so all venues will have a minimum age limit for players. It is highly unlikely that anyone under the age of eighteen will be allowed to play a game of paintball.

Follow the rules and you will both have fun and stay safe.


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