The Tippmann A5 Is a Great Step Up

The Tippmann A5 Is a Great Step Up

After you have been playing paintball for a while, you will probably begin to consider new equipment. As a beginner, it’s always a good idea to keep the prices on your new guns and safety equipment low, just in case you lose interest in the game. When you’ve decided that you love it and you want to move up, you should consider some of the mid-range products that are available to you. There are several different guns available for players that are ready to take the next step, including the Tippmann A5.

Beginner guns usually run less than one hundred dollars, so you don’t want to pay too much more than that for your next step up. There are some mid-range guns that could run you more than three hundred dollars, but the Tippmann A5 stays firmly under two hundred. In fact, you can get one from some online retailers for around one hundred eighty dollars. What you can expect from a Tippmann A5 is a light weight and accuracy. You will probably get a much quieter report than your beginner gun gave you, as well.

Tippmann is known for reliability and consistency. You will get several years of fun with your new paintball marker if you go with the Tippmann A5, and you can probably sell it later for your next step up and get quite a bit more than you might expect. The gravity fed hopper has a much better reputation than most other guns with the same set up, so you won’t need to worry about jamming while in the middle of play. With other brands, you might find the need to shake your gun to get the paint to move, but this is not a problem with Tippmann guns. This gives you the ability to play a rapid game with no missed shots because the paintball will always be right there in the chamber and ready to go.

Buying online doesn’t have to be scary, either. It can be hard to trust a product that you have never seen or held, but many online retailers make it simple for you. You can check out other users’ reviews of the paintball markers that you want to buy, and that will give you the peace of mind that you need to go ahead and make your purchase. Just be sure there is a return policy that you can live with.

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