Traditional Scrapbooking or Digital Scrapbooking?

Have you gotten discouraged from ever keeping up with your scrapbooking?  Consider changing things up then, from traditional scrapbooking to digital scrapbooking. Here is why you will love this change:

Online Helps you to Catch up on Scrapbooking Quickly
Still struggling with thousands of photos you took five years ago?  With photo books, you can catch up quickly and easily.  If you want the fastest option, you can just put your photos into their already completed layouts.  For more flexibility, you can create your own pages complete with customized papers and embellishments.

Online is Easy
You don't have to download any software.  Online photo books shares online software which makes creating books easy.  You can customize with unique fonts, cropped and rotated pictures, even add your own words.  You will never have to struggle with your paper cutter and adhesive again!

Online Saves You Money
Compared to the cost of printing photos, scrapbooking papers, embellishments, adhesives and all the other supplies of traditional scrapbooking, photo books are a bargain. Moreover, using an online photo domain allows you to view your for anytime for free and you can share it with friends and family.

Online Gives Your Memories Security
With traditional scrapbooking, you have only one precious photo book which could too easily be lost or damaged.  Digitally, you not only have your book stored securely online, but you can also print multiple copies of those special memories. 

Online allows you Lots of Photo Book Options 
With traditional scrapbooking, you are generally limited in the size of your books by the size of the papers available, and the size of your photos.  Online, you can easily re-size your photos so that you can adapt them to smaller photo books. 

Online Can Get You Excited about Scrapbooking Again
Sometimes the burden and time commitment of scrapbooking can make this hobby a time consuming chore.  Online, you have the choice of creating a book together with family and friends. Going digital can help you re-discover the fun and joy of recording family memories in beautiful photo books.


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