Virtual SAN for Reliability and Savings

In the modern age of doing business there are few tools that you use that are as important to you as your server and computing network. It is through your network and server that you attract new customers and clients, sell your products or services, keep in touch with these customers, as well as communicate within your business. In fact, it is hardly an exaggeration to say that without your network you could not do business at all. The truth of the matter is that modern business practices require you not only to have a functioning server, but to have one that runs as efficiently and as reliably as is possible. There is nothing more potentially damaging to your business or organization than a server that is not efficient in communicating internally or externally or a network that fails on any kind of regular basis. Such events are of serious consequence to you and your business.

And it is for this reason that your VMware ESX server requires the use of a SAN appliance, one that can implement shared VMFS storage across your hosts. Such a storage appliance allows you to increase your network storage capacity in such a way that efficiency and reliability are greatly increased. The trouble for many businesses is the fact that, after the costs associated with purchasing and implementing a VMware ESX server, the added costs of a SAN appliance can seem daunting. Fortunately, there is an excellent solution to this problem, which is the implementation of the Virtual SAN appliance. Such an appliance is making the rounds within the software news & information community and raising a lot of excitement as it does.

The Virtual SAN appliance gives your business all the advantages of a real world SAN but without the added costs associated with one. Virtual SAN utilizes otherwise unused local storage on your VMware server to your best advantage. This allows for VMFS storage that is fully replicated across hosts in a fully synchronized manner. What this provides is a great deal of security in cases of failure in your disk, appliances, or host, with complete data integrity. Thus with this level of failover capability you can rest assured that your network is fully protected, keeping you and your business online and open for business, twenty four hours each day. And isn’t that exactly what you need from your network server? It is indeed.

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