Where Should You Buy Coins

For those people just getting in to coin collecting, it might be a little overwhelming at first. You thought you would start a new hobby with your kids, your grandkids or maybe even just for yourself. You didn’t know there would be so many coins to learn about as well as “rules” relating to the coin collecting world. These rules are not written, but more of a guideline about how to go about adding to your coin collection. One of the first questions you might have is where should you buy coins? Are they safe to buy online? Do you need to look for someone specific?

Individual Coin Dealers

A coin dealer can be an individual who strictly deals in selling coins. This person may travel to coin shows, have an online business or even a storefront business. The shop might also sell other valuable items, but a true coin dealer is not the same as a pawn shop or flea market styled store or booth. Coin dealers know how to identify a specific coin and if they don’t know its worth, they know where to get it. Coin dealers are usually very knowledgeable about any type of coin.

Other Coin Collectors

Coin collectors can be a great resource where you can buy coins from too. A coin collector might want to sell a bit of their collection off if they have duplicates or want to make a little money before they spend a little more. A coin collector is also a great resource because they will know the value of the coin. When you buy coins from a collector, you also know they have been cared for.

Certified Companies

There are many businesses that are legitimate where you can buy coins from. These businesses can have a large collection of coins for you to choose from. They might even offer coins from other countries that are very rare and valuable. If you go to a private company, make sure they are certified or legitimate. The pawn shop on the corner is not a legitimate coin dealer. Sure, they may sell coins, but you don’t know the real value of the coins or where they may have come from. It’s better to know exactly who you buy coins from. When you buy coins from anyone, make sure you check the price and authenticity of the coin if it appears too good to be true.

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